Student matches with someone she's already slept with, rinses him

After a student matched with someone on Tinder she already slept with, and realised he had no memory whatsoever of sleeping with her, she took the opportunity to "rinse" the guy.

After first offering clues to "Josh" that the two had slept together and giving opportunity for him to figure it out, she eventually let him know about his own sex life.

But not before she'd had some fun with him first.

The student's housemate tweeted conversations between the two, who matched with each other (for the second time) on the 17th of January, which have since gone viral.

At first she thought sending a "surprise" meme would be enough to prompt his memory. When that didn't work, she started dropping other small hints...

So she started asking more specific questions, and also check if he'd had any "weird experiences".

And then she got a lot more specific. Just to jog a few memories.

For a while after that he denied that it was him, and denied ever having visited Lincoln.

But eventually he acknowledged that it was him after all. After he suddenly remembered not her, but her room.

At the end, he still fancies his chances, asking "what are you actually looking for on here then".

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