Student leaves note about neighbours having loud sex, gets note back...

When her neighbours were having loud sex whilst she was trying to nap, uni student Jenna Levine composed a note and left it under her neighbours door.

The note was nice, and explained the situation she was in (she was trying to nap and that was hard to do when the couple next door were having loud sex and reminding her how single she is).

Normally you'd stop at this point, chuckle at your own note and then just put on some headphones. Not Jenna. She posted the note under her neighbours door, whilst they were doing "the nasty".

And then she went back to her room.

Once they had finished doing the nasty, and enough time had passed, Jenna received a note of her own. Along with a chocolate bar and a card with some bananas on it.

Banana cards are the standard "I'm sorry we banged too loud" apology card.

As well as a gift of chocolate, she also received a sincere apology, as well as reassurance that she wouldn't single for too long.

Jenna's new goal is to eat that bar of chocolate so damn loud that she gets a letter of complaint.

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