Student leaves his car unattended for 15 mins, comes back to THIS...

A student who left a Kit Kat unattended in his car for 15 short minutes, came back to find a badly hastily scrawled thank you note in its place.

Hunter Jobbins, whose name is more suited to a recent graduate, parked his car in front of some of his dorms at uni.

After stepping out (very briefly) to do some errands, he returned to badly-written note on a napkin, explaining why his Kit Kat had been stolen.


The Kit Kat burglar

The note informs Hunter that the Kit Kat thief was sorry, but they really love Kit Kats and they had seen a Kit Kat in the cupholder. Hence why they had broken in, to eat the delicious Kit Kat.

It goes on to explain that there were other mitigating factors, including that the Kit Kat burglar was hungry, and that the car door was unlocked. Considering the circumstances, the Kit Kat bandit did what any other sensible student would do in that situation - broke in, took the Kit Kat, ate it and apologised immediately.

On twitter, one person claimed responsibility...

Whilst others sympathised with the thief..

And did some good old-fashioned victim blaming...

Meanwhile, the Kit Kat Bandit is still waiting on a sponsorship deal from Nestle.

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