Student leaves his "dick" friends alone with his essay. Inevitable happens.

A student who left his essay open in the same room as his "dick roommates" became upset when the inevitable happened.

The student apparently left his roommates unattended long enough for them to insert "I'm a f*cking pussy" and "This boy loves the c*ck" into an otherwise fairly average essay on Roman amphitheatres.

The anonymous student, who posted his essay on Imgur under the title "my roommates are dicks..." did not receive good comments.

The essay, in "violation of the student code of conduct".

Totally Unacceptable

The marker doesn't appear to catch on that the sentences were written by someone else. The marker wrote:

This is totally unacceptable. If the final draft has language such as this it will be reported as a violation of the student code of conduct.

This despite the fact that no-one would write "I'm a f*cking pussy" in their own essay. Either that, or the marker was annoyed that the guy didn't proofread his essay before handing it in, or at least Ctrl-Fing the word "cock".

Pure evil students confess

After the student's essay was posted on Reddit, other people confessed to "pranks" they pulled on other students. One student confessed:

We changed autocorrect in Word to replace "analysis" with "analsex" on a PC in a university computer lab in the late 90s. A few weeks later, a girl was crying because she had turned in a paper littered with the term "analsex." The professor just circled each appearance and put a question mark. I felt bad....but not bad enough to fess up.

Another, only slightly less evil former student, confessed

When Gateway was the big name in PC's they shipped with these keyboards that you could create macros in. The keyboards would let you do all sorts of stupid stuff. In the computer lab at college we would set up a macro that would randomly register a 'q' when the letter 'p' was pressed. It had like a 1 in 20 chance of changing it. Just enough to screw with someone and make them think they were going crazy. Great fun.

Elsewhere, one lucky student managed to get an A despite using the sentence "Adam totally wanted to bang Lillith" in a religious studies essay.

Once in a religion class, I put the following clause in a short paper: "...Adam totally wanted to bang Lillith..." in the first draft. but out of laziness I forgot to revise the assignment and it went to the prof. I got it back and she had just circled it and written '"!!!" next to it. Got an A. Could have been worse.

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