Student kills a deer on his driving test, and somehow still passes

Driving test deer

A student passed his driving test on his first attempt - despite accidentally hitting (and killing) a deer half way through.

Usually the perfect conditions for a driving test include dry weather, clear roads and a forgiving examiner, but there was something else in store for this Essex student.

Tom Lo, 17, currently studying in sixth form at Colchester College, managed to pass his driving exam with only two minors, after being given the opportunity to practise an emergency stop.

The student hit the deer in the middle of his test as he was driving down a country lane at 40mph near Fingringhoe in Essex.

He slammed on the emergency brake but unfortunately it was too late for the deer and it died at the scene. It had to be a rollercoaster of emotions, finally being able to drive by yourself, but also having the death of Bambi on your conscience. It is thought that the deer he hit was a Muntjac, and look how ridiculously cute these things are:

Tom told newspapers “I was driving when suddenly the deer was right in front of me.

“I applied the brake but unfortunately I was too close and I ended up hitting the deer.

“I had so many things going on inside my head . I thought have I failed my test? Has the deer died? It was crazy when it happened.”

Mr Lo was told to pull over while the examiner checked the vehicle for damage before he was allowed to continue the test. Tom wanted to carry on because he “got this test as a cancellation, the next one was June 15, so it was quite important to pass it before my exams”

He added: “I was pleased to pass my test but I also killed a baby deer so I didn’t feel like celebrating. I was just happy because I had worked hard and it was important to me.”

His instructor said it was clear that Tom was “shaken up” when they got back to the test centre.

“Whenever someone passes I usually get a smile or the thumbs up but Tom was just sat there you could tell he was shook up.

"Full credit to him though because it didn’t affect his driving and he passed with only two minors. I think he was just happy to get it out of the way with the exams coming up.”

At least this incident means that Tom is unlikely to end up as a boy racer, he now knows that animals can run into the road out of nowhere, and hopefully next time there’ll be no casualties.