Student invents "invisible" napping hammock that fits under desk

A student had designed a "virtually invisible" hammock that fits under your desk, allowing you to take naps in the library or at work without anybody else nearby noticing.

Aqil Raharjo wanted to come up with an alternative to taking a nap on the floor or curling up on the desk for a mid-afternoon snooze.

"The idea came up while observing a friend of mine who seemed exhausted and told me that she didn't sleep for two days," he told Tech Insider.

"However, the inspiration itself came from a Facebook group that was created to share funny pictures of sleeping people in my university."

He managed to design a Popeye-style hammock that attaches to a desk of your choosing, allowing you to nap undisturbed by librarians or bosses. Someone could also use the desk space whilst you nap underneath, unaware that you're underneath enjoying a gentle pre-essay nap.

"Nobody know's I'm here. Work, my pretties, work, work. And keep it down up there for f*ck's sake. Typey typey, clackety clack, what's wrong with you??"

The Schnap

Aqil designed the hammock for a uni project. With a week left before his design project deadline, he came up with the concept of strapping a portable hammock to desks and didn't look back.

But he says it is now more than just a last-minute uni project, and plans to sell the hammock to like-minded nappers. He says the hammock is much more than just a gimmick.

"It's an accessible sleeping environment for people who have to stay overnight or take a quick nap at the office or school. It's a product that will benefit all kinds of people."

"We definitely plan on making it public. We would also like to have it available online."

He has called the "virtually invisible" product "The Shcnap" (ac combination of the words "school" and "nap").

He designed the hammock, did the packaging and had a prototype in just one week.

"Initially, I had a lot of different ideas in mind, but I decided to go with this idea one week before the project was due," he said. "I had to remake everything."

"Schnap - a nap in snap." - Images via Schnap / Facebook.

Mass production

The final design includes table protectors (so you don't ruin the desk) as well as clamps to hook the hammock to the desk. It also features rope extensions so that you can fit the hammock to any table, in case you need to take a nap in a boardroom or an especially fancy lecture hall.

The hammock rolls up and fits into a specially designed carrier bag, which can also double as a pillow if you stuff it with excess clothing, or nearby books if you forgot to plan your nap ahead of time.

Aqil is looking for investors and hopes to launch the hammock into mass production asap. He expects there will be a massive demand for the product, as people are tired of napping on desks and floors when they need some damn shuteye.

Here's hoping Aqil has another last minute deadline and comes up with a way to sneak booze into libraries without the librarian getting all judgy.

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