Student hides secret message to professor in final assignment

An art and fashion student in Virginia was sick of all the exams and assignments during her finals week, so she decided to secretly let her examiners know exactly how she felt.

Lama Ali (above) had a creative way of broadcasting her frustrations, in an amazing design that has since gone viral, and has even been printed onto t-shirts for sale.

It started when Ali was growing tired of the stressful week and when she thought it was nearly over, her art teacher gave the class three extra assignments. This tipped her over the edge, so she created this masterpiece.

Can't see it? I'll let Lama explain herself:

It has since gone viral, and people have begged for it to be printed on a t-shirt.

And with Lama being the people-pleaser she is, obliged.

This print is genius, don't be surprised if you see it in a shop soon.