Student has fingers for toes, freaks out internet with her mutant powers

A "four-handed" student whose feet look like hands has been freaking out the entire internet with her mutant powers.

The student from China became famous after she shared photos of her 5cm long toes that are virtually indistinguishable from fingers.

Handy feet

The girl has revealed how handy her feet are in day-to-day life.

"When I go praying at temples I can also pray with my feet, clasping them together like hands," she told her followers. Or at home:

"When I'm lazy to reach for the remote on the table I can just change the channel with my feet - that way I don't have to get up.

Mutant power

The student implied that her finger-toes were useful for study. She can actually pick up a pen and write with her feet, if the situation calls for it. In fact, her whole family can.

"So I'm not alone, but there are significantly fewer of our kind."

The anonymous Chinese university student says that whilst growing up she didn't realise her toes were unusual, until she saw other people's toes.

"It wasn't until I grew up that I realised I was the strange one."

When other people saw her toes, they started asking the obvious questions such as:

"Whether I can climb trees with my 'four hands'."

She's also ha people treating her like she's a rare species of animal, or questioning whether she's "yet to evolve".

But some people love her feet, though unfortunately this has mainly been in a creepy way.

"I've received strange messages on social media where people have confessed their love for my toes."

Not alone

The student is far from alone. Finger-toes are apparently fairly common, by the looks of the #fingertoes hashtag going around twitter.

Even Kendall Jenner has them.

#fingertoes #neverforget

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