Student group's anti-semitic Valentine's day card sparks outrage

A student group in Mount Pleasant, Michigan have been forced to apologise after the release of an anti-semitic Valentine's Day card caused outrage.

Central Michigan University officials began an investigation into who distributed the card which mocked Jewish people who died in the Holocaust. It was found that it was given out by members of the school's Republican group.

A picture of the card was then taken and uploaded by a Madison Rodriguez, who had a big question to ask of the University:

The sickening 'joke' on the card reads (in awful spelling and grammar for University level): "my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews".

This is a blatant poke at the six million (not thousand) Jews who died at the hands of Nazi Germans in one of the largest tragedies in the history of human-kind.

George E. Ross, the president of the group posted a statement on their Facebook page claiming not to have any knowledge of the card, and apologising for any offence caused:

Even after the apology was sent out, people still voiced their anger at the card and the University: