Student takes extreme measures to get revenge on food thief

A student has gone to extreme lengths to get revenge on a food thief in their house.

The students left many many notes to the housemate, before taking revenge to the extreme. The student explained why they decided to get the extreme revenge they did:

"[My girlfriend] and many other house tenants, left polite notes requesting whoever was taking single bites out of the food to please stop. The requests, and labelling of food changed nothing."

"Also, oddly enough someone kept using/stealing tooth brushes and tooth paste from the bathrooms of the dorm, too. We never addressed that problem though ..."

"My girlfriend had actually had been saving food because she was coming back late at night from classes and the cafes were closed by that time of night. "

"She only noticed because every time single bites were taken out of the food (usually 1 bite out of each piece of pizza)."

When multiple notes failed to deter the food thief, his girlfriend decided to get horrific, cold-blooded, pizza-based revenge.

"We waited until the end of the semester and never found out who it was after they ate it and nobody else really knows."

The students posted their recipe for revenge online, as well as the results. Be warned, it's pretty grim.

"Step 1: Buy pizza as bait"

Ok, sure, we're on board with this...

"Step 2: Cut pizza slices open"

Ok... keep going...

"Step 3: Place random dead lizard in pizza"

Ok this is where the whole thing takes a dark turn. The student shoved a dead lizard inside the pizza, and sealed it back up like it was normal pizza, filled with delicious tomato sauce instead of delicious dead lizard.

The student's boyfriend wrote:

"These poor guys are commonly found in pedestrian areas. We actually only went looking for one, but ended up finding two."

"Step 4: Re-seal pizza via microwaving"

Be sure to get your crotch reflected in the microwave when photographing.

"Step: 5 Perfection"

"Step 6: Place in fridge. Wait…"

"The culprit ate the first pizza slice without even realising there was a dead lizard in it. The second piece was found half eaten with the lizard hanging out and eye dangling from its half-eaten face."

"We put the printout on the fridge the next day."

The poem on the poster reads:

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
You ate a dead lizard
So haha, fuck you
(P.S. There was a lizard in both the pieces, dumb ass)

We know what you're thinking. Did it deter the food thief from doing it again?

"We did this at the end of the semester. So we never really found out if they stopped," the student said. "I guess they really like lizard flavour."

In other pizza news...

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