Student gives mum cardboard cutout of himself to "ease suffering caused by separation"

A student at the University of Westminster sent his mum a cardboard cutout of himself in order to ease the suffering she must be feeling from their separation.

The mother, who lives in Tennessee, then spent the next month bonding with the cutout, taking it everywhere and taking hilarious photos of their adventures.

By the looks of it, his plan may have helped ease her pain and suffering. But she may also prefer cardboard Dalton to the original.

Dalton and Doll have valentines day meal

Dalton goes on egg hunt

Dalton (made of cardboard) plays catch with dog (made of dog)

Dalton has family reunion - announces he's made of cardboard

Dalton attends basketball game

Dalton and family go to O'Charley's

Dalton, pitching curveballs

Dalton getting much needed sandwich

Dalton gets medical exam, wears cape

Dalton hangs out in house

Dalton reads Dr Seus book, gets sleepy. Night night, Dalton.

People commented on Reddit that his mum seems far happier about the situation than his grandma, who posed for a photo outside O'Charley's, but looked less than happy about dining with a cardboard cutout of her 22 year old grandson.