Student gets suspended for tweet, waits, tweets something worse

A student has got himself suspended from school several times after sending a tweet telling the superintendent to "grab a shovel and get your ass out here at 5:30 sharp boi".

17-year-old student Leonardo Semma slipped on the snow outside his school in Michigan, and later that day saw a tweet from the superintendent of the area apologising for the snow.

He immediately tweeted back, telling him that "sorry's not going to melt the snow".

He immediately got blocked.

Proudest achievement

Leonardo was suspended for the tweet, which happened back in January. But Leonardo considered the letter he received to be his proudest achievement to date, so on June the 5th he tweeted it to his followers, under the caption "my greatest high school achievement".

He probably thought it would amuse his friends, and no-one else would see it. Especially as the superintendent had already blocked him.

Unfortunately, his tweet got retweeted over 65,000 times.

The following day, his dad started receiving emails from his school principal, who saw the tweet of his greatest achievement.

Leonardo found this amusing also, and tweeted it out to his followers.

It's not yet known how the principal will punish Leonardo for this new tweet, but no doubt he'll tweet that out too before the term is over.

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