Student gets revenge on cheating bf with brutal "lost dog" posters

A student has got revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by leaving massively brutal "lost dog" posters all around their campus, listing his sexual preferences.

When a student found out her boyfriend, Jordan, had been cheating on her they broke up. But rather than the usual routine of burning all their clothes, throwing them into the street and then spitting on the ashes, returning home to eat ice-cream and drink heavily into the night, this woman came up with a rather more creative, brutal and visually impressive act of vengeance.

With her idea in place and plenty of printer credits, she headed to the campus print shop.

"Lost dog, likes licking a**holes"

The student, who hasn't been named but was described as an "angry girl" by one person who saw her putting up the posters, printed off a lot of posters and began spreading them around campus.

The posters were made to look like a "lost dog" posters, except for the text, which explained the "lost dog" was a "cheating psychopath" who "likes licking assh*les (literally)".

The posters included a picture of the alleged cheater's face, as well as another picture of him smiling and holding a beer.

"Can Jordan sue her for libel/slander or does he not have legal standing because he's a dog?" one commenter asked. Image via Imgur.

All around campus

The lost dog posters went a bit further than the jilted intended, after they went viral online. More images of the posters posted across campus started showing up online too, showing the girl, at the California Institute of Technology, had really put the effort into her vengeance.

Commenters on Reddit began questioning whether the posters would constitute libel against the ex-boyfriend.

This would make an excellent "Good Wife" plot.

Lost dog still lost

Jordan has not come forward to comment on the posters, but he's likely to be the last "cheating psychopath mutt" who considers cheating on her.

The brutal posters were removed shortly after they were put up all across the campus, but not before they were seen by a lot of students, half of the internet, and probably Jordan himself.

Another poster, stuck to one student's locker.

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