Art student forgets to wear vaseline, gets mask stuck to face

A student got his head stuck in a plaster mask during art class. Despite having no eyeholes, and very little room to breathe, the student managed to remain calm during the whole ordeal (judging by his expression).

The American student can be seen wrenching at the mask, desperately trying to pull it off his face, whilst others gathered around him offered solid advice such as:

"Stretch your face into different facial expressions," whilst he whimpered in distress.

Bystanders can be heard giggling at his predicament, probably thinking he was fine because his face betrayed no emotion.

Most of the video shows the man either trying to pull the mask off, or possibly posing theatrically with his Greek Tragedy mask, adding drama to the whole situation.

One girl tells him "you've almost got it" but a second person immediately calls bullshit on that, telling him "Pull hard! It's not even moving dude."

"Pull your skin away from the mask"

When the student hits peak whimpering, a fellow student tells him "pull your skin away from the mask", as though he'd been trying to push the damn thing on further.

No matter what he or the others try, the mask will not budge, and there are rumours that he is still stuck in the mask, forced to star in student stagings of the Phantom of the Opera musicals for the rest of his time at university.

He now eats through a straw, but still looks pretty neutral about the whole thing.

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