Student gets 2:1 - after dad spends £400,000 on tutor

A student has managed to get a respectable 2:1 from a top London university. All it took was a little hard work, a pinch of good luck and £400,000's worth of private tuition.

A student studying at a "prestigious London university" has achieved a 2:1 on her business course, after her father hired her a £400,000 super tutor to help her through exams.

The (nearly half-million pound) investment clearly paid off, as she graduated with a 2:1, though she failed to get the first you'd expect for that amount of money.

As a 2:1 is classified awarded to anyone who scores between a 60 and a 69, her father, spent between £5797 - £6666 per mark. Perhaps if he'd splashed out just a few more tens of thousands she'd have got her first.

Tutors International, the firm her dad hired, charge a pretty painful £1,000 a week for part-time tuition for 12-15 hours.

Super Yachts and horribly overworked kids - What it's like to be a top end tutor

Will Stadlen who works at Holland Park Tuition told the Huffington Post how his work has taken him to super yachts in Ibiza

"Our clients are looking for intellectual rigour. One of my colleagues, an Oxford History graduate, spent a fortnight on a super yacht in Ibiza, where he was required to spend the days researching obscure aspects of British and European history just to engage the child in intellectual conversation over dinner.

He stayed in a five star hotel and was ferried to and from the harbour by limo every morning.

The most outlandish thing we hear on a regular basis is from parents of two-year-olds who ask - 'have we left it too late for Cambridge?'"

Meanwhile, another freelance tutor said told of luxury, and "wrecked" 12 year olds:

"I've had wonderful experiences - from helicopter rides and safaris, to travel in private planes. On holiday in India, every morning I taught for a few hours, then I lay on the beach every afternoon, and read on my balcony in a beautiful Portuguese fort before dinner."

"If you stay in an English country house or castle they usually give you a guest bedroom, so I've had my fair share of four posters. I've had a stunning bedroom on the top floor of a chateau in the South of France for three years running."

"Some of the children are horribly overworked. I had a pupil last year whose mother gave him five hours of tutoring every day during his holiday. He was 12. And it was all to get his marks up from 60 to 65 per cent. The poor thing was a wreck by the end of it."

"She didn't want to do the degree"

Before her father got involved, the student (who wished to stay anonymous) was showing up to her lectures and seminars, but not really doing any of the coursework.

Adam Caller, director of Tutors International, who arranged tutored her, told the Times:

“She was attending the course in person but wasn’t actually doing any of the study. The father’s personal assistant contacted me and said she is going to fail and be thrown out if we don’t find a way to prop it up.”

Her father, a rich Italian businessman, had put her under a lot of pressure to study business so that she could take over the family business eventually, when all she really wanted to do was an English course.

“She didn’t want to do the degree," her Tutor told the Times.

"Her father had put her under the most immense amount of pressure and threatened to cut her off from the family assets."

Motivated student

Understandably, the London student took her studies a little bit more seriously when £400,000 had been paid towards her tuition, on top of her degree costs.

She started doing her coursework, under the watchful eye of her massively overpaid tutor, and managed to get her 2:1, paying just £400,000 more than the average 2:1 student pays to get that grade.

After graduating, ironically, the reluctant business graduate has gone on to launch her own business.