Student forced to remove 'Black Lives Matter' t-shirt

A student at Buckeye Union High school was forced to remove her ‘Black Lives Matter t-shirt’ by administrators, when she turned up to the school picture day, even though she explained it was important to her.

Mariah Harvard, 15, said that what was particularly confusing is that another student was allowed to wear a Confederate flag shirt to class before, which made her feel particularly targeted when the school asked her to remove her shirt.

Harvard said that they asked her to change the shirt because it was “disruptive”. She went on to say:

“Black Lives Matter… we’re not saying that your life doesn’t matter, we’re saying that your life does matter, but so does ours.”

Before she agreed to change into a white shirt, she took a photo and posted her thoughts on Facebook. Harvard’s mother, Roxanne said:

“She understands what BLM means. That’s why she wears the shirt, that’s why her father purchased it for her, she understands its positivity, black people should be treated just as fairly as any other race, and right now in the world, that’s not what’s going on.”

In a show of solidarity, Harvard’s friend Genesis wore the same shirt the next day and was sent to the principal’s office, and then removed from the school by her father. She said:

“Today, I felt as though I was being punished for being proud and proud of my culture, which in the principal's office, my dad kept on asking him why they’re suppressing me and why it’s not okay for me to be proud of who I am.”

The school later made an announcement saying that no student is allowed to wear a Black Lives Matter or a Confederate flag shirt.