Student finance is a nightmare. Here's how to do it like a boss.

student loan advice

Mo' money, mo' problems. Biggie Smalls couldn't have spoken truer words if he'd tried.

'Student finance' is a daunting prospect: the figures are big and there seems an impossible number of things to sort. Then, of course, the process isn't made any easier by all the forms, the postage, the emails and the different figures floating around. But take it easy: go slow, read these guides thoroughly and everything should fall into place without any trouble.

Finally, make sure you're adequately prepared to make applications. Completing forms gets stressful when every other questions demands you find precise details of your household income, or an exact break down of term dates. Have everything to hand before you begin and the process becomes much, much easier.

...and good luck!

1. Tuition fees

2. Maintenance loans

3. Post-graduate finances

4. Student bank accounts