Student fed up with food thief sets ingenious trap - leaves recipe for revenge online

A student has had her vengeance on a thieving housemate after laying an ingenious trap, using cardboard, breadcrumbs and soy sauce as her weapons. Her story went viral after posting her "revenge recipe" online.

After her roommate kept stealing her food, a student studying in China decided to make a fake chicken fillet out of cardboard and leave it in the fridge as a trap. The thief would then expect a delicious mouthful of chicken, only to consume and digest deliciously seasoned and breadcrumbed cardboard packaging.

The "chicken" looked almost indistinguishable from the real thing, to the point where she said she almost ate it. She posted the recipe online, which then went viral.

The recipe for revenge

Step 1: Take some cardboard. Make sure it is not secretly delicious chicken.

Step 2: Cut cardboard into shape of chicken. Stick to second piece of cardboard that also looks like chicken.

Step 3: Shave down cardboard till it really looks chicken shaped. Use terrifyingly large knife, to show how serious you are about having your vengeance.

Step 4: Dip cardboard into soy sauce. Use chopsticks, for authenticity.

Step 5: Dip "chicken" into breadcrumbs.

Step 6: Fry your cardboard.

Step 7: Season to taste. At this point it is important to remember that it is NOT actual chicken. Do not eat.

Step 8: Glaze and leave chicken in fridge. Goddamn that looks delicious. Try not to eat.

Almost everyone who commented on her original story mentioned how delicious it looked. Though any food thief who saw this would obviously eat it, it looks goddamn delicious and is making us hungry, the student hasn't revealed how much of the chicken the thief ate, and whether they ended up pooping tiny paper mâché chickens as a result.

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