Student faces 69 criminal charges for this photo

As "pranks" go, it's not the classiest, but when 19 year old Hunter Osborn decided to expose his penis for his yearbook team photo, he probably expected a few people to say "ha" or "what a moron" rather than "you have the right to remain silent".

But Hunter faces 69 counts of indecent exposure for the picture in which his (barely visible) penis is exposed, after the school spotted it and called the police.

The "prank" may now end with Hunter being labelled a sex offender, after being charged with furnishing harmful items to minors as well as the indecent exposure charges.

The yearbooks were seen by students under the age of 18, and the photograph was included in the school's football program, which was distributed at games.

Hunter, number 42 on his team at Red Mountain High School. (Photo blurred for obvious reasons)

"It's kinda hard to see"

The school and students both admit that the prank is difficult to make out in the photograph. Fellow student Zach Anthony told local TV:

“When people told me about it I thought it was a big thing, but when I looked at it like you can’t really tell, it’s kinda hard to see."

Whereas the school themselves said that the details were "difficult to discern" in such a small photograph:

"The district is dismayed by the actions of the students involved in the photograph. Their behaviour does not reflect the values of Red Mountain High School or Mesa Public Schools," the school told CBS.

"Upon learning of the photograph, school administration immediately contacted police and is cooperating fully with the investigation. Disciplinary action will follow policy and may be based on the outcome of the police investigation."

"While the small size of the photograph as published makes the details difficult to discern, the yearbook has been recalled so the school can make a minor but critical edit for the inappropriate content."

Class four felony

A petition has been set up to have the charges against Hunter dropped, calling for the school to be held responsible instead. The petition, which has over 2000 signatures, ask the police to refrain from ruining his life for an immature prank, encouraged by his teammates.

"Hunter Osborn, now 19, is supposed graduate high school this year. But because of a prank encouraged by his fellow teammates on the Red Mountain High School football team to expose himself in a team photo earlier in the year, he may not get that chance."

"The problem isn't with just the photo but instead that it was published in the school yearbook and distributed. He was jailed on the night of his senior prom with 69 counts of indecent exposure, a class 1 misdemeanor, and a class 4 felony."

"He didn't put the picture in the yearbook, he didn't create the page, he wasn't the editor that approved it, or the teacher responsible for publishing it and distributing it to students. The teacher responsible for the yearbook should be fired. Red Mountain High School is using him as a scapegoat instead of taking any responsibility!"

"Hunter needs to be held accountable for his actions but that doesn't mean ruining his life."

Ankle monitor

Detective Berry, of the local police, said that they are still investigating the incident:

"It is still an ongoing investigation. The number of charges may go up or down depending upon how the investigation continues."

According to the police, Hunter was dared to flash for the photograph, and he later felt "disgusted’ by his own actions.

Hunter is currently waiting to hear more about the charges, and has been fitted with an ankle monitor.

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