Student dislocates jaw singing along to Taylor Swift's "shake it off"

A student has dislocated her jaw after singing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" a little too enthusiastically.

Sarah Westlake, a student at Durham University, was out in Clapham when Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" came on, and the incident happened.

"I was singing energetically, putting TayTay to shame in that sweaty, sticky paradise that is Infernos. Then it happened. My jaw cracked in an uncomfortable and socially awkward 'O', and it wasn’t going to shut again." The student journalist wrote on The Tab.

It's unclear which part of the song she dislocated her jaw at, especially since the chorus requires to close your mouth and make mmm-mmm noises.

"At least that's what people say, mmm-mmm, That's what people say, mmm-mmm"

Rather than seek immediate medical attention for her unhinged jaw, she carried on with her night out, not wanting to ruin things.

"I was over excited"

The student, originally from Birmingham, spent the rest of the night "just walking around with a gaping mouth and ignoring the looks from the grads around", and the next few days unable to eat anything but soup.

"In my happy state, I continued with my night," She wrote.

"Later that night I was feeling brave and forced my lips together and felt an excruciating crunch across my face."

Unfortunately, now her jaw was stuck firmly shut, all thanks to Taylor Swift.

"My jaw didn’t want to open. I had to physically force it to widen by about two cm."

Love of Champagne and Taylor Swift, the number one cause of jaw dislocations in the UK.

Unable to shake it off, shake shake shake it off

Sarah was still feeling the Taylor Swift-induced injury the next few days, and was in a lot of pain.

"I was pretty much limited to soup, and every yawn was a ridiculous, and pretty traumatising, achievement."

18 months later, she's still paying for her mistake of singing along to a Taylor Swift song.

"Every time I yawn my jaw cracks, and after a night out or a good vocal conflict, my jaw won’t open as far as I’d like it to for a few days without a forceful snap."

"I now have to chop up food like raw carrots and apples, otherwise my jaw will go pop and I’m screwed for the next week or so.

Her dental hygienist may also want to have words with Grammy winner Taylor Swift, as Sarah's dental hygiene is still suffering to this day.

"The pressure of such activity will mean my mouth literally won’t open wide enough for me to even brush my teeth properly, let alone give my tongue a clean, without causing physical pain."

"On the positive I can no longer bite my nails without a bit of a clicking sound and some sharp pains, so they’re in pretty good condition."

Party trick

Sarah says her jaw is now pretty stiff, and can be used to freak out friends at will:

"It can be disturbing for my friends at pre-drinks, as I apparently think it’s a good idea to whack out a massive cracking noise as a not-so-impressive party trick. I can even make it crunch by grinding my teeth from side to side."

Her jaw still causes her problems, and she warns others to be wary of any Taylor Swift songs that are a little too catchy.

"Calm down in the club when your favourite banger comes on, as the long term damage can really cause some problems."

Jaw-hater Taylor Swift has been unavailable for comment.