Student sues university for £1million because the teaching was "boring"

Everybody wants a first at university. But if you don't get one, it's more than likely you'll just shrug and say "meh, I guess a 2:1 isn't so bad" and forget about the whole thing.

Not Faiz Siddiqui. Faiz graduated from Oxford University back in 2000, winding up with a respectable 2:1 in modern history.

Not content with his mark, he is now suing the University for £1million, claiming the teaching was "too boring" for him to achieve the first he needed.

A bored student looking bored in a boring lecture.


Faiz claims that the "appallingly bad" and "boring" teaching at Brasenose College led to him failing to achieve a 1st class degree.

He says that the teaching, particularly in his specialist Indian history module in his final year, led to him getting a 2:1. He says the grade is "underachievement for various factors unrelated to [his] ability”.

Mr Siddiqui argues that he would have got a first if it wasn't for "negligent" teaching on this module, where four out of seven members of staff were on sabbatical.

He says the University “denied him the chance of becoming a high-flying commercial barrister”.

Loss of earnings

Faiz now works in tax. The 38-year-old argues that if he'd managed to achieve a first, he would have been able to become a barrister, the Times reports. He is suing the University for £1million in lost earnings.

In December, Oxford asked the High Court to strike out the claim, but the court has ruled that Oxford have "a case to answer" and that the case should be heard "as soon as possible".

Education experts have said that if Mr Siddiqui's case is successful, it could open the floodgates to complaints from other students.

David Mitchell wrote a column about how everyone feels that they're hard-done-by, and says Faiz is dwelling on an old run of bad luck.

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