Student confesses to dropping KFC meal on floor, is fined £80

A student has been fined £80 after confessing that he dropped his entire KFC meal on the streets of Cheltenham.

As if it wasn't bad enough that he had to go hungry after dropping all his fried food, Callum Meek, from the University of Gloucester, has now been fined by the Cheltenham Borough Council for failing to bin his chicken.

He dropped the £15 banquet meal for one last week and walked away without binning it, shaking his head and mourning his loss. Later that day he found out a reporter from the local paper had reported on the incident, and it had been picked up by just about every newspaper in the UK, and several news agencies in America.

"That is like two weeks' worth of food for me"

Callum came forward to confess to dropping the chicken after a Twitter campaign to reunite the "mysterious owner" of the chicken with his meal tried to track him down.

After coming forward and apologising, the local council sent him a fine.

"That is like two weeks' worth of food for me." He said.

"The fine is a bit gutting because students don't have much money. But I guess it is fair."

"It is just a bit annoying because most people don't get caught and fined for something like this, but it is fair though." He added.

A fixed penalty notice for littering has been sent to his home and to the University of Gloucestershire. In total, he ended up paying £95 to drop this chicken onto the pavement.

Scenes of chaos. This chicken meal cost him £95 all in.

"High Jinks"

A councillor has explained the decision to fine Callum for dropping his KFC banquet meal for one, which they called "high jinks".

Councillor Andrew McKinlay said:

"Nobody wants to see litter on our streets and residents of the town will want to know that we are doing all we can to keep Cheltenham tidy."

"At first glance this might be no more than the consequence of high jinks" said Councillor Andrew McKinlay. Because throwing chicken on the floor is traditional student "high jinks" apparently.

"However, the unpleasant result of littering like this and the £2million annual bill for clearing the streets is no laughing matter.

"That's why the council has sent a fine to Callum and we hope he will pick up his litter in future."

Callum plans to eat rather than drop chicken in from now on.