Student comes back from Christmas to find ridiculous fine on his desk

A student was left shocked and angry when his landlord sent him a fine for 'damages' to a piece of furniture in his flat.

Lillo Urso-Baiarda (middle) was charged £152.09 for damages to a table in the kitchen, an amount he claims is too large given the amount of damage and the cost of the furniture in the first place.

The images he shared to his twitter page show the damage to the table, and they are evidently just a scratch- not enough damage to charge £152.09.

The University of Reading student had returned back to his flat from Christmas to find the fine on his desk. He was so shocked to receive it, he wrote a letter to his landlord explaining the situation and asking for the fine to be recalculated. He even went on to mock the landlord slightly.

And here is the image that shows just how much damage his landlord thought was worth £152.09:

Fair or extortionate?