Student spends entire loan on one holiday

A student has blown his entire financial aid loan on one holiday.

Romantic student Brandon, 22, took his girlfriend on a trip to Thailand using the financial aid money he was given by his university. The money is usually meant for books.

"How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A Boss"

Brandon detailed his adventures in a Youtube video he titled "How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A Boss", which he filmed using a Go-Pro he bought to capture the holiday.

The romantic student decided to use the £1700 ($2500) he'd been given in financial aid to treat his girlfriend Natalie to a trip to Thailand and Laos.

"My girlfriend has never left the country before, and I know the one place she's always wanted to go. And I decided to a little something different with my financial aid," Brandon said.

He surprised Natalie, a waitress at a local bar, with an itinerary as she left the shower. After she was done asking "why the hell are you wearing a go-pro" he told her about their holiday plans. She then asked him several times if he was serious, before finally accepting she wasn't being pranked and dropping the paper in surprise.

Natalie, 21, immediately dropped the itinerary in order to make an "OH MY GOD" face. They've only been going out for a few months now, and she probably wasn't expecting this.

"We got to feed and take a mud bath with elephants"

Rather than buy a computer, textbooks or cover living expenses with his financial aid money, Brandon used his money to take mud baths with elephants, launch sky lanterns in Thailand and lounge around in Laos.

"We got to feed and take a mud bath with elephants," Brandon said on Instagram. "They eat whole stocks of unpeeled bananas... life is better when you leave your comfort zone."

Brandon, who is a full-time student and a part-time Uber driver / lover said he didn't want to put off seeing the world any longer.

"We are just two normal people who don’t come from much but are both extremely passionate about seeing the world."

"We came to the realisation that you can’t put off the things that you truly want. Don’t sell yourself short of what you’re capable of accomplishing. The time is now."

Playing with elephants and skylanterns rather than reading textbooks | Images via Facebook / Our Visual Escape


Brandon and Natalie spent several weeks traveling around Thailand and visiting Laos, taking in infinity pools, traveling through the jungle and staying in private bungalows with their own pools.

The two traveled from Bangkok to Khao Sok National Park before moving on to Laos.

"You don't need months of planning for a trip, just a ticket and the will to leave," Brandon said on his Instagram page, where he posted photos of the trip he took with his drone. Fingers crossed his University don't see these shots any time soon.

He even took his drone to take arial shots of the whole experience, which hopefully his Californian University won't see any time soon.

"So many people told me not to bring my drone traveling," he said, even though he thinks it was an "awesome decision".

The couple visited lagoons, waterfalls, beaches and forests. All great distractions from thinking about your bank balance.

And one shot of Brandon looking sad at the end of his trip, probably thinking about his bank balance.

Back to uni

Unfortunately, after enjoying and treating his girlfriend to a trip of a lifetime, Brandon has come back to University with the realisation that it may not have been the best financial decision he's ever made.

At the end of his "How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A Boss" video he impersonates someone from his uni saying:

"Hi, is this Brandon? Yes, that financial aid money that you spent, we're going to have to get that back from you."

They may be wondering why he hasn't read the core texts or any of the supplementary reading list.

Incredible footage of Brandon's holiday, with drone footage. The entire trip looked incredible, but do make sure you can afford it before you do exactly the same thing.