Student convinced he's got a ghost in his uni cupboard

This student believes he is being haunted by the ghost of a former student, after his cupboard door kept swinging open in the night.

He posted the story of how, after moving into his new uni dorm, he started hearing knocking noises throughout the night. After his mind immediately leapt to ghosts, he did some investigating (like Scoobie Doo) and found out that the room used to belong to a dead student, and decided to record cupboard door until something happened.

He wasn't disappointed. He ended up posting the video, under the ominous title "It Keeps Happening" and it has since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

It Keeps Happening.

"Sounds like a f*cking SWAT team is trying to bust through my closet"

The student posted his story on Reddit, explaining the "terrifying" ordeal that his cupboard door won't stay shut.

"Heyo. Apologies in advance for not being a good writer. Also sorry for the f*cks. I've had a long day and I'm ready to collapse.

Alright, so I started my first year of college in September. The building I'm currently living in is the oldest on campus, and it's really obviously the OLDEST fucking building on campus. Like, old enough that there's a bomb shelter in the basement.

The place makes you feel dread the second you step in.

The whole place has this constant scent about it that's hard to describe. There's an odor that permeates the halls. It's tolerable on my floor but on the basement floor it can get ungodly. It smells like... Rot. And body odor. It stinks like how I imagine Chris-Chan's room stinks.

My first night there, I'm hanging out with my roommate Rob. He's playing some shit on his PC, I'm playing on my PS4, we both have our headphones in. Suddenly we hear some slight knocking. I get up, open the door, nobody is outside, I immediately forget this happens.

Over the next few weeks we were woken up several times by knocking late at night. With each occurrence, the knocking gets louder and more disruptive. I assumed it was neighbours fucking with us.

Then, one night, I realise that the knocking isn't coming from the hall. It's coming from my fucking closet.

I get up, put on my phone light, and timidly open the door. The thing creaks open to reveal, surprise, nobody is inside. What the fuck, right?

Not long after this, we both go home for winter break. When I get back, I find out Rob has moved out and I now have the whole room to myself. Except I guess I don't.

The fucking knocking returns in full force. It seriously sounds like a f*cking SWAT team is trying to bust through my closet, almost every single night.

Sometimes I'd wake up to find the doors WIDE-THE-FUCK-OPEN. I'd also have almost nightly recurring dreams about my closet opening. A creature with impossibly dark skin and twisted, elongated, spider-like limbs would crawl out and skitter up to my ceiling. I'd usually wake up freaked the fuck out.

The effect this had on my sleeping habits was pretty detrimental for a bit, and one of my upperclassmen friends took notice. I reluctantly told him about the knocking.

Instead of thinking I'm crazy he's just like:

"Wait... What building do you live in again?"

I tell him. He's silent for a bit.

"... What room."

"169." I say.

"What the fuck."

He went on to explain that a kid he knew lived in my room and f*cking killed himself last year. Like he killed himself in my f*cking room. God dammit.

At this point I'm so used to it that I don't care that much anymore, but a while ago I left my camera running pointed at my closet around the time that the knocking usually starts. I did this so I could have proof and show it to some of my friends."

Slight breeze or there's some (alive) person in the cupboard

Since the video has gone viral, people have offered explanations, including the obvious "there's a guy in the cupboard and he's opening and shutting the door" and the less obvious "there's a slight breeze".

However the student, who has 10 twitter followers on his "Kid Who Filmed The Door Opening" twitter account, claims that the unusual footage is caused by a ghost, and has posted a second follow-up video of the door opening by itself as further proof.

Despite this, scientists all around the world have not called a conference to declare once and for all that ghosts exist.