Student begs professor for better grades with ingenious method, and it works

A student has made one last-ditch attempt to get better grades: Begging his professor to give him and his class extra credit, using nothing but Black Eyed Peas lyrics.

Deondre, who studies in Missouri, needed at least 97% on his final exam in order to get an A. Knowing that wasn't going to happen, he tried plan B.

Not revision. Begging.

Dr Moore, who is shockingly lenient with his grading system, decided against all better judgement that this email was in fact worthy of extra credit.

In fact, Dr Moore decided that the whole class could get extra credit.

Deondre, who has a distressing amount of unread emails, tweeted his email exchange with his Professor. All but guaranteeing the professor is investigated for gross misconduct.

His tweets have gone viral, with most people congratulating him on his grade grabbing...

...and even more people pointing out he should probably get around to marking his emails as read.

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