Stranded Houston dad crashes his daughter's first day of uni

The first day of university is always nerve-wracking, not least because you're praying that your parents won't embarrass you in front of your new friends as you move in.

So you can only IMAGINE the crippling embarrassment this POOR girl felt when her stranded Dad decided to crash her first ever lecture at university.

Twitter user Omete @ometeanassi tweeted screenshots of his family conversation, which showed his dad crashing his sister Kerubo's first ever Media Studies lecture because he couldn't fly back to Houston due to Hurricane Harvey.

Much to Kerubo's embarrassment, her dad sits next to her, refusing to leave. Things go from bad to worse as he takes a syllabus for her course on Oral History, clearly in it for the long run.

He then facetimed Omete and his mum from the classroom, which Kerubo claims was distracting her.

The tweet has since gone viral, being favourited over 112,000 times, and has been met with a sea of hilarious responses:

And it also seems that Kerubo's not the only one who has an unwanted parent thanks to Hurricane Harvey:

To be fair, is it really your first day of uni if your parents don't embarrass you to the point of no return?