Starbucks repeatedly gets man's order wrong and his response is HILARIOUS

Millennials have got it pretty hard these days. We can't get a mortgage, the price of avacado on toast is extortionate, but most of all. MOST OF ALL. We can't get a decent cup of Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla, Soy Milk coffee. It's hard.

The problem with the rise in hipsters and basic bitches having coffee orders as long as the entire works of Shakespeare is that it's made things pretty awkward for baristas, and even more so for people who actually can't have dairy for reasons more than just being 'edgy', as one guy found out.

Demit Strato, 29, is lactose intolerant, which means that he can't have dairy. When he orders a Soy latte, it's not because he wants to, it's because he has to... so when Starbucks repeatedly got this order wrong, he decided he'd had enough, taking to Facebook to air his... *grievances*

Writing a post on Starbucks' Facebook page, which has since gained 476,000 likes, Demit voiced his frustration in hilarious detail, arguing that he doesn't order Soy to be difficult, because, really... 'does anyone enjoy soy milk?'

Stating that the regular milk made his 'bottom... blast fire', Demit was clearly pretty pooed off with Starbucks' poor customer service. The post clearly struck a chord, as many people said they could relate to Demit's struggles:

Seems like Starbucks' customer service is just a bit... shit. When we spoke to Demit he said ' I wasn't upset at all until I saw baristas commenting that they do it on purpose sometimes.'

However, he followed up by saying that many baristas had reached out to apologise and offer their condolences for his day spent on the toilet. Hopefully in future Starbucks might be a little more considerate when someone comes in ordering a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato... we can dream.