Spreadable Twix is a thing you can buy

Spreadable twix student

The biggest gamechanging news story this week is that Mars have brought out a line of spreadable chocolate bars sure to revolutionise not only what we put on toast in the morning, but also what we spoon into our mouths straight from the jar while crying at 2am.

It's time for Nutella to take a back seat, because spreadable Twix, Maltesers and Bounty have arrived.

Lily - the answer is all three, of course.

The spreadable Twix is described as being a chocolate spread with caramel and biscuit pieces (AMAZING), the Maltesers 'Teasers' spread is a chocolate spread with malty crunchy pieces, and the Bounty spread is a confusingly chocolate-free offering promising to be a tropical tasting, creamy, milk based spread with flakes of coconut throughout.

Tweets of excitement, confusion and disgust are filling up timelines, but we've got all the details you need to get your mitts on a jar. Right now you can only get these delicious treats exclusively at ASDA for £2 a jar. If you can't be bothered to leave your bed you can even order spreadable Twix, Maltesers and Bounty for home delivery. They'll be coming to other supermarkets in the near future.

Mars have suggested the spreads are best enjoyed on toast or crumpets, but why stop there? We can think of a million possibilities, spreadable Maltesers milkshakes, anyone? Imagine swirling spreadable Bounty into cupcake icing, or even adjusting this three ingredient Nutella brownie recipe to use spreadable Twix instead. UNREAL.

Forget stepping up your toast game, there's an opportunity to step up your life game right here.