Spotify have been sharing our secret streaming habits

Everyone has a music guilty pleasure, a song or artist that you listen to for comfort or just because they're the best.

Heaven forbid other people find out who and what you listen to on repeat (Justin Bieber - Sorry), the ridicule you would be subjected to is frightening to think about.

Well music streaming giant Spotify have been sharing people's secret listening habits with the world via huge billboards and they are mostly brilliant, with some a little sad.

They have been popping up everywhere with them seen in New York, London and Paris.

According to the boards, one person listened to Bieber's track ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentines Day.

A lot of you also felt it was the end of the world after the Brexit vote, as shown by the 3749 who listened to REMs classic track 'It's the End of the Word As We Know It' the very same day of the result.

Then things take a little sad turn when it was revealed one person listened to the 'Forever Alone' playlist for FOUR HOURS on 14th Feb.

But you men out there are cheering yourselves up by letting out you inner femininity by loving the 'Girls Night' playlist, 1235 of you in fact.

The streaming site also outed someone for getting into the Christmas spirit a little early as well announcing the most popular Panda-based songs of the year.

And finally, this one is just disturbing...

Any of you who have been in the London Underground may have seen a poster revealing how a man called Paul was fired via a playlist!

This is one of the best campaign ads we have seen for a long time, and Spotify, we thank you.