12 hilarious Google Translate fails

Here are 12 spectacular Google Translate fails. This is why the world still needs translators.

12) Either this is a Google Translate fail, or this Dutch newspaper is slut-shaming swans now

Tad harsh.

11) This error / sign-making foot-fetishist


"I like the way you laugh. Put your sock in my mouth."

10) This restaurant has some unusual cooking methods

"Tell me, is this duck freshly f*cked until exploded, or are they f*cked till exploded elsewhere and then frozen?"

9) This "Fuck Vegetables" aisle

"Where are the cucumbers?"

"Over in the f*ck vegetables aisle, sir."

"I don't want to go in that aisle."

"We're not here to judge."

8) Grandma juice

"Mmmm, you can taste the grandma."

7) This sentiment

"I select you out of several other options too. You're so sweet."

6) Apparently, being treated like a potato is a big problem for non-potatoes

"Stop trying to bake me, Sharon, I've left enough clues around the house for Christ's sake."

5) This one might be a coded message from a spy

4) These Grab Me Now options

"Hmmm... not really a fan of sprite, but not a huge fan of cock either. Guess I'll take a cock light?"

3) "Do what the sign says, dear"

"Are you sure we've translated this right?"


"It's just there's been an awful lot of kidnappings / drownings lately."


2) The irony here...

"You want to learn English? I'll teach you to be veeeery fucking English."

1) Found my tourist attraction

"I've booked our holiday, dear. One of the 8 wonders of the world."

"Where are we going, the Eiffel Tower?"


"Machu Pichu?"

"Smaller. More me."

"Oh Christ."


"It's the damn Garden with Curled Poo again, isn't it?"


"I'm divorcing you, you know? The lawyer's already drafting the papers."

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