Someone spotted something hilariously wrong with the new Sainsbury's Ads

A Sainsbury's shopper has found something terrible about the new Sainsbury's adverts.

The new Sainsbury's adverts feature regular people doing "food dancing" that dance that everyone apparently does when they're cooking.

You know the kind. Recklessly flailing your limbs to a rhythm near boiling hot pans and searing ovens.

They have a print and online version which feature this guy mid rumba, holding his serving spoon out like it's a sword.

It's a good campaign. Unfortunately, when you look at them in-store, they look a little different. A lot different, in fact, because people regularly have to bend down to pick up goods near the adverts.

Here's what that looks like.

Yep. If you need bread, the rumba guy gon' get ya.

Really get ya.

And he's gonna enjoy it.

Writer Sarah Dempster spotted the ad error when in store yesterday. Since then, she and others have spotted other instances where the adverts don't line up well with shoppers.

Also, this one looks like he's shat himself.