Someone added artist notes to Brighton graffiti and it's hilarious

There are normal ways to go about correcting vandalism in your area, then there are more inventive ways…

Sometimes graffiti can be a great art form, allowing people to express things in ways that only graffiti allows – and sometimes it’s just tacky pointless vandalism.

So an anonymous local put this sign up next to the graffiti, ironically mocking it by suggesting it's art.

‘The forced simplicity of the colour palette itself is used as a statement to reject traditional art forms that rely on ornate or decorative charm alone.’

The analysis of the letter shaping is weirdly good – it really reads like something out of a museum...

‘The artist juxtaposes the unapologetic, upright arc of the C with the melting, fading Es, to represent the turbulent existence of ‘Clive.’

Obviously its none of the things that the sign say it is - who knows what Barely Alive Clive’s true intentions were. There are many theories🕵️

Maybe the author of the note will come forward and shed some light on the matter, but nothing as of yet.