Student falls off his secret sleeping shelf during lecture, walks out like nothing happened

A student who took a nap behind a projector screen woke up to find he'd fallen off his secret sleeping perch in front of a packed lecture hall.

The student at the University of Washington was caught on camera as he fell from behind the projector screen onto the floor, waking up the moment he hit the deck.

Then, after flopping around on the floor briefly like a beached dolphin, he walked out of there like nothing at all had happened.

The lecturer paused his riveting lecture on storm surge to allow the confused student to stumble out of the lecture hall.

After the student left, and the lecturer's brain processed what he'd just witnessed, the lecturer said "no comment" whilst the rest of the lecture hall laughed in bafflement.

"There but for the grace of god go I"

Students reacting to the student have been both sympathetic to his tiredness and jealous of his sleeping shelf, which looks damn cozy.

One person condemned the sleeper's fellow students, who failed to wake him up before the lecture, commenting on youtube:

"Why didn't someone wake him up before class started?? #RUDE (They clearly could see him the entire time. His arm is hanging out!)"

"That student is my spirit animal".

A university in the UK, meanwhile, has opened up a "snooze room" to encourage napping, making sleeping behind a projector in lecture halls a thing of the past.

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