6yr-old finds shopping list, adds items parents had "forgotten"

A six year old boy found his parents shopping list and added the things they'd forgotten.

Last week, parents of a six year old planned to go shopping. Unfortunately they'd forgotten a lot of essential items.

Whilst the parents had remembered to add essentials such as "Nutella" and "our bread" they had neglected to include "Butts. Butt butt butt butt butt fart farts butts butts, oh no somboety farted! And puupt and pooped! And somebody stuck their butt in the toilet!!!!!!!"

Fortunately their six year old son found the list and was able to add the essentials to the list, before they could leave the house.

The parents were then able to go on a successful shopping trip, picking up Nutella, BUTTS pears car BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS. Unfortunately, the shop was all out of farts and they'll have to place an order online.

The family have not yet confirmed reports that somebody pooped and someone else got their butt stuck in the toilet.