Single man pretends to have a girlfriend.. shares hilarious pics

It is national 'look at me, I am in a relationship' day. A day that can be hard for some of us singletons, if the fact that you're not in a relationship bothers you.

But one guy felt it was necessary to pretend to the world that he did, in fact, have a girlfriend by sharing a few pictures on his Facebook page.

Now, this is different to certain 'comedians' who claim to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in their videos just to give their prank videos validity. This guy actually admits that he doesn't have a girlfriend by showing you how these types of pictures can be taken.

Rain Yokohama, from Thailand, posted these brilliant pics that could give a bit of advice to those of you desperate enough.

In a restaurant...

"Aw babe, you got some food on your cheek. I'll get it for you..."

Cute pic holding hands

"Come on, let's go for a walk"

Then, later that night...

Well done, Rain. Some very good skills you have there. Now stop pretending and go and find yourself a real girlfriend.