16 signs you're a posh student

Not sure if you're a posh student? Here are 17 classic signs...

16) You think all parties are toga parties

And bought extra bedsheets specifically to be turned into a toga.

15) Your collar is turned up

In fact, you didn't realise your collar could physically be turned down, until you accidentally met a poor person in halls.

14) When you arrived in halls, you looked around for the aga

And are confused by and suspicious of the oven.

13) You didn't take part in the ice bucket challenge, but you're intrigued by the champagne challenge

12) You're either named Tarquin or are thinking about naming your first-born son Tarquin

11) You see nothing wrong with this look

If a jumper over the shoulder is good enough for Papa, it's good enough for you.

10) You fear a visit from your Dad

9) Partly because you wear the same red trousers he does

8) And you think it's fine to wear these trousers with wellies and a flat cap

When your loan came in you barely noticed.

7) You play sports no-one else has even heard of

It's sort of like a cross between line horse polo and banter-ski.

6) You don't see your sink in your room as a previously unimaginable luxury

More as the shittiest en-suite you've ever encountered.

5) You're a firm believer in the neckerchief

4) When you slum it and have beans, these are the beans you have

What the actual f**k is a borlotti?

3) When you wash your sheets you have a second set of sheets you can use in the meantime

2) When you heard about Cameron putting his thing in a dead pig, you had your thing in a dead pig

And wondered what all the fuss was about. We all do it, right??

1) You firmly believe this...

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