Sick mum writes in to advice column about daughter's disabled bridesmaid

Dear Prudence is an advice column run by Mallory Ortberg.

Every week on Slate, she answers the questions sent into her by readers. Some are more straightforward than others, and some provoke a seriously WTF response.

Yup, you read that right. This mum wants to exclude her daughter's best mate from being maid of honour because she has a limp.

What kind of sick person would even think about that? Maybe the type of person who also says they're 'not that close' to their kid.

Mallory's advice was pretty much just a stfu.

It seems like the mum basically just wanted someone to validate her terrible ideas, and Dear Prudence failed to do that.

It also went viral, as people across the internet began to ruminate on what a trash person she is.

Not sure what her daughter or Katie will have to say if/when they see this. Hopefully they'll be happy that Mallory had their back.

Having a mum like that, though, must be a drag. Maybe it's best if she just stays not talking to her after all...