Should Amazon be your Prime concern as a Student?

Amazon Prime Student Package

As a student your money needs to stretch as far as possible, and that applies to your downtime as well as studying. Amazon has been catering to this for years, providing high quality videos, games, music and books to give you everything you need to avoid the outside world. Amazon Prime is an all-in-one option for your entertainment needs and it has its own deal specifically for learners: Amazon Prime Student. Read on to discover the pros and cons of signing up for the package…

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an annual subscription-based service encompassing various offers. Fast delivery is just one of its strengths, with anything from a one hour to two days’ wait for your order. Streaming is unlimited for video and music so if you want to binge go right ahead. You can also store as many photos as you like in Amazon’s Cloud Drive. In addition to the discounts you might expect, you can get things such as free access to Kindle releases ahead of schedule. Put simply, it’s a cheap and a complete entertainment hub.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student offers you many of the deals associated with Prime. Free and unlimited One Day Delivery for example, so you know you’re going to receive anything you want quickly and cost free. Unlimited media streaming is covered, from box sets to books. You get a heads up about upcoming deals on the main Amazon site before anyone else. As long as you’ve got an NUS card you qualify for a range of budget-friendly services.

How much will it cost me?

Thankfully Amazon is big on free trials. With Prime Student it’s a whopping six months of zero cost access before the fees kick in. After that period the arrangement shifts to £39 per year, which is half the price of Prime (£79).

Are there any other cheap options?

If £39 sounds like too much for your student budget you can opt for a monthly payment of £3.99, which is flexible and can be cancelled at short notice. Bear in mind that an annual subscription works out as more affordable in the long run, but if you’re not sure how long you’re staying with the service for then month by month is the way to go.

It doesn’t hurt to think creatively - for example, two people in the same household getting two free trials one after the other equals a year’s worth of freebies. Be warned that this only applies to regular Prime, not the Student deal. Or you could take the long way round and wait a year after you cancelled your free trial before starting another one. Read more about that and other pros and cons here.

Which items come with Free Shipping?

For Amazon Prime, the default delivery method is One Day Delivery, which is totally free. In terms of entertainment content this should include everything. Membership guarantees you don’t pay a penny for what you receive.

Sounds too good to be true. What are the arguments against?

You have access to a wealth of stuff such as Prime Video and Prime Music but as you can imagine the deal doesn’t throw open Amazon’s doors. They keep certain benefits back, like the Kindle Owners Lending Library. This resource enables users to borrow books digitally and is an excellent free service that unfortunately the company have chosen to leave out of the initial trial.

Also it’s worth bearing in mind that Amazon Prime aren’t offering anything very different when it comes to streaming and purchases. Other outlets provide free delivery depending on what you need. Shop around to work out whether this commitment is the right one for you.

How do I sign up?

It sounds obvious but first you have to demonstrate you’re a student at college or university. This involves having proof of your enrolment and an e-mail account featuring an ‘’ domain name, though there are ways round the latter which are outlined here. You also have to be signed up to an Amazon account, which isn’t complicated and has a quick and simple registration process. If at any time during your Free Trial you decide it isn’t for you, you can back away. Keep an eye on the time at all times: it ticks away faster than you think and Amazon will automatically put you on a plan so be mindful!

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