Shoe trick - slash the price of your UGGs, Nike and Converse.

Get branded shoes for cheap

Adults have to pay VAT for all sorts of things, including footwear. Children’s shoes on the other hand haven’t been taxed since 2012 and that includes slippers, wellies, plimsolls, football boots - you name it.

But I’m an adult with adult sized feet!

Yes, cool your boots - we know.

So here’s a fact, adults pay tax on their shoes, while there is no tax on children’s shoes. But you’re not a child - sure, hear us out though, but finding kids shoes that will fit you could save you some serious cash.

For example, if you were in the market for a pair of Tall UGG boots, if you bought a women’s size 5 pair boot it would cost you £195, while a ‘teen girl’s’ boot (the same style) will cost you £160. That’s a £35 discount - for the same boot.

For the footwear to be VAT free (and cheap) they need to be designed for people under 14 years old. Don’t know about you, but we have the same size feet now as when we were 14 - not much has changed.

It may not be possible if you’re a bloke with big feet, but if you are a woman, who wears a size 3 - 6 in adults shoes, you are probably the same size(ish) in kids’ shoes too.

What stores should I try out?

There’s nothing to say it wouldn’t work in all stores, but we know adults who have successfully bought kids’ shoes in Clarks, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Uggs, Nike, M&S, Converse and Mini Boden.

Let us know below in the comments if you find shoes in different stores.

This is definitely going to work right?

We went to our local Asda to see what shoes we about and if they would fit. We noticed that the adults shoes were not exactly the same style, but had slight variations (to be honest, the kids’ stuff was nicer), but the boots fit comfortably. Sure, a lot of the shoes were glittery or flashed when you walked, but there were some amazing styles that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with children.

We’d recommend you try them on, because they may be slightly narrower, but isn’t the case for all the shoes.

Also bear in mind that accessories for children’s footwear does have VAT, so won’t be particularly cheap - including replacement soles and shoelaces.