This wristband will electrocute you if you overspend or procrastinate

A company has designed a wristband that will give you an electric shock whenever you go into your overdraft.

The Pavlok is designed to linked up to your bank account, and will send 255 volts through your wrist if you overspend. The idea is that eventually you'll stop overspending, because you find electrocution unpleasant.

The device, which should be on sale by the end of the year, will cost a reasonably pricey £120, meaning if you already owned one you'd be electrocuted pretty mercilessly for buying one in the first place.

The device will also be able to give you an electric shock tinged with irony if you use up too much energy in your home. If you're into that sort of thing.

“This is all about giving customers the choice to control how they spend money,” Chief Executive David Webber said of the appeal of Pavlok. "Willpower is great if you've got it - not everybody has."


A version of the Pavlok is already on sale for stopping you from procrastinating. The current version can electrocute you if you use Facebook or other sites (which you specify you are banned from) to stop you from procrastinating, or be used to break pretty much any habit you want to, according to the creators.

It can even electrocute you for having too many tabs open in your browser, which pretty much everyone on the planet could benefit from.

The initial idea for Pavlok came when Maneesh Sethi, Pavlok's CEO, hired a woman on Craigslist to hit him in the face whenever he used Facebook at work, something Craigslister Kara was more than happy to do.

Within just a few slaps he was much less inclined to spend time browsing Facebook, and his productivity quickly increased.

Realising the woman was useful in the fight against procrastination, but not exactly portable, he decided to create a wristband that will electrocute you whenever you do something distracting.

The theory is that electric shocks will be just as useful in teaching you to be frugal, and not go over your overdraft limit. As long as you can't figure out how to take a watch off before you go on a night out.

Until the new frugal watch launches later this year, you're going to have to stick to good old-fashioned hiring a friend to punch you in the teeth whenever you reach for your bank card.

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