Shocking footage shows dog nearly drowning after being forced to perform stunt

A movie production company has caused outrage after footage emerged of them forcing a dog to perform a dangerous stunt, despite it's best efforts not to.

A Dog's Purpose is a movie due to be released in April, it is about a dog who is trying to find it's over the course of a few lifetimes and adventures. The movie is made and distributed by Amblin and Warner Bros, and stars Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson and Josh Gad.

The footage shows a trainer seemingly forcing a German Shepherd, believed to be one of five used in the movie, into a tank of water to perform a rescue stunt.

At the side of the tank, there are believed to be several outboard motors creating the effect of a rushing river, which could explain the dog's hesitancy to enter the water. But the trainer ignores the canine's instincts and continues to force it into the tank.

The video, uploaded by TMZ, has gone viral and many animal welfare organisations, such as PETA, has called for the movie to be boycotted:

You can just imagine what the dog is thinking as it is being forced down. Heartbreaking.