Brits holidaying in Ibiza turn violent in brutal attack

It's no secret that us Brits don't have a good rep when we go on holiday.

From football hooligans to drunk partiers, we don't really do ourselves any favours.

It could be the heat that we're not used to, or just the excitement of no work for a week or two. Either way, as soon as we hit sunnier climes we end up acting like twats.

But this is another level, with a pair of British tourists seen attacking a bus driver.

As you can see, the video starts with a man being restrained by the driver, although it's unclear why.

Then, the woman in the video goes straight in, grabbing the driver and kicking him, despite onlookers' protestations.

After that, the couple begin to tag team the driver, until they're finally held back.

Twitter users were clearly not impressed.

It's still not obvious why the fight broke out, but we'll update with any more news. We'll also keep you up to date if we work out why they pulled his pants down.