Security discover guy's hilarious attempt to smuggle alcohol into event

It's no secret that buying alcohol at events and festivals these days is probably more expensive than the ticket itself.

As the price of alcohol keeps getting closer to what I imagine the average house price must be, it seems that people are getting increasingly creative when it comes to sneaking it into events.

Credit @Alfie_Titchcock

However, it often happens that some people are a lot more successful at smuggling than others, as one unlucky person found out at Southwell Racecourse.

The security at Southwell Racecourse discovered a bottle of Glen's vodka hidden in a sandwich as someone tried to sneak it into the races.

Credit @Southwell_Races

Seizing the opportunity, they took to Twitter for a caption competition, offering the best one a prize. And to be fair, there were some pretty good responses:

There were also a fair few people asking the important questions:

However, Southwell Racecourse have yet to answer them. Maybe if pints didn't cost as much as a university degree, we wouldn't have to keep trying to hide our alcohol in ridiculous places.