Screenshot fail = nationwide cockblock

Screenshot groupchat

We've all been in this situation, you've been chatting to a potential suitor and it all goes all quiet on the texting front. Do you let it fade away and accept you've been ghosted, or do you instead risk a double text and hope he really has "lost his phone" or "run out of credit"?

One girl known only as "Laura" encountered this very problem and decided to send a cheeky double text, however the reply she received was not what she expected.

Dan obviously couldn't wait to share this incredible banter with his group chat, and in his haste sent the screenshotted conversation straight back to his unlucky texting partner; making sure to call her "nuts" in the process.


We've done a quick Urban Dictionary translation of this and it means:

It's not even as if I can block this girls number, she knows I'm DNA (do not answer) so I'm gunna have to go strapped up (carry a gun) to MADE (00s MTV show?) now just incase

Dan O'Hara via Urban Dictionary

As Dan's a true Archbishop of Banterbury he also felt the need to share this gaffe with his Twitter followers. Little did he know that his tweet would receive over 12,000 retweets and 28,000 likes and he'd be discussed on This Morning.


Even Phil and Holly couldn't deal.

If the girl Dan did this to is reading this, we're on your side babe - we all know that girls are the real masters of the screenshot/groupchat game, anyway.

Next time, Dan - think before you text!

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