School gets evacuated due to suspicious odour, turns out to be something hilarious

Fire evacuations are notoriously the worst.

You have to stand outside in the freezing cold for what seems like light-years whilst someone twat with a clipboard takes a register, only for it to turn out that it was just some moron who burnt their toast.

But this Baltimore High School's evacuation of over 200 pupils really takes the biscuit for the most ridiculous reason ever.

Over 200 pupils and staff were evacuated from Cristo Rey Jesuit School after a number of people complained of an 'usual smell' and breathing difficulties.

Fearing the worst, the school immediately began a mass evacuation under the impression that it was a gas leak.

The fire department were quickly dispatched, taking around 1 and a half hour to investigate and decipher the cause of the odour, which turned out to be none other than...

Are you ready?


As if the cult of the pumpkin spice couldn't reach further heights of awful, it literally managed to evacuate an entire SCHOOL.

When will this madness end, WHEN?!