Say goodbye to the £1 meal deal

O2 are pulling their hugely popular £1 meal deal with Boots from its loyalty scheme.

This means that no longer on Monday lunchtimes can O2 customers enjoy a Boots meal deal, consisting of a main meal, snack and drink for just £1.

The deal will end on 20th February so the mobile provider 'can explore and introduce' new deals.

You will still be able to redeem the offer at other chains, such as WHSmith, Upper Crust, Pumpkin and Ritazza.

Some customers have already expressed their dismay at the decision, with some pleading with O2 to change their mind:

This is the second blow to the meal deal we have had to face in the last six months when, in September,Sainsbury's changed their meal deal rules to no longer include their 'Taste the Difference' range.

A spokesperson from 02 said:

“We constantly review all the deals available on Priority which gives our customers access to some great offers that help them to save money.
“Customers can still enjoy access to other £1 lunch offers on Mondays by checking out the latest deals through the Priority app (subject to availability).”

Rest in peace, £1 meal deal.

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