Subway sandwich artist reveals the order you should NEVER get

There are few deals that match the value to filling-up ratio of a subway £3 meal.

None of us are really there because we think it's upmarket nouvelle cuisine, though. It's a decent lunch for a decent price.

A reddit AMA of Subway workers, however, has revealed what's not worth the saving.

Fans of chicken teriyaki look away now, as the sandwich artists of Reddit said that this, and the chipotle chicken, have the longest shelf life and can get a little pungent towards the end.

The chicken has also been revealed not to be 100% chicken, which probably wasn't a huge surprise. Instead, it's reformed chicken with some other bits added for taste, texture, and shelf life.

Please don't shoot the messenger, because I'm a fan of these combos too. But, if you're squeamish about sell by dates it might be best to avoid the 'stinky' chicken and go for steak instead.

As well as this, they gave some tips on getting the most bang for your buck.

Steak flatbread at 7.30pm it is then lads!