Sainsburys customers are being ID'd for normal food item

Up until the age of twenty five, or until you go bald, grow a massive beard or start buying The Times, you're going to get ID'd a lot.

Whether you're buying knives, booze, aspirin or deadly household poisons, expect to have to show your ID to a lot of people.

But customers at Sainsbury's are being are now being asked to show ID for perfectly ordinary food items. They're having to show their ID's for Philadelphia soft-spread cheese.

Sainsburys workers have to say that they've seen ID or that the person looks over twenty five whenever they deliver an age-restricted item. Even Philadelphia cheese, which contains no alcohol whatsoever unless you put your own vodka in there on purpose.

People have been laughing about the possible glitch on Twitter.

Sainsburys apologised to younger customers, saying:

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused younger cheese-lovers.”