Sainsbury's causes offence over questionably 'racist' policy

Sainsbury's has been called out for supposed 'corporate racism' on Facebook by an angry (and maybe easily offended) customer.

Toby Taylor accused the supermarket's security policy of being racist as it put security tags on its £3.80 cans of Jamaican ackee.

Toby then went on to point out that the £20 bottles of truffle oil, despite being bigger and more expensive, were not tagged:

Rather than explaining the tagging policy, Sainsbury's slightly parred Toby off, only replying with a comment asking which store Toby found this in:

However, whilst Toby's post struck a chord with one fellow shopper, it seemed to mostly backfire.

Many people commented that Toby was being, as Love Islanders would say, a melt, saying that he was just looking to be offended:

Hmm, looks like the jury's still not out on this one. What do you guys think?